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Comprehensive Diagnosis

We use advanced tools and techniques to inspect your website’s files, databases, and server logs. Besides, a detailed assessment of the code, plugins, themes, and configuration of your website is done to uncover potential entry points that are the reason for WordPress Hack!


Immediate Assistance

We understand that every moment counts when the security of your site is at stake! Recognizing the urgency, we offer prompt support and quick response times to ensure that you receive help as soon as possible to get your WordPress website back on track at the earliest.


Expert Team

We have onboard an exceptional team of web developers, WordPress experts, and security specialists who know the whole nine yards of the intricacies of website security and the WordPress platform, thus able to tackle even the most complex WordPress hacking issues like Japanese SEO hack.


Data Protection

While fixing the WordPress Japanese SEO hack, your data protection is our top priority! Understanding the importance of your site’s data, we implement stringent measures to ensure your privacy is preserved throughout the resolution process. We handle your data with utmost care.


Fast Restoration

Understanding the criticality of getting your WordPress website up and running and leveraging our expertise and experience, we work diligently to find and fix the root cause of the WordPress Japanese hack issue and expedite the restoration process with the employment of proven strategies.


Proactive Monitoring

Our proactive monitoring involves the continuous and systematic observation of your site’s security status, performance metrics, and potential vulnerabilities. We remain constantly vigilant and take immediate action when there are any red alerts, aiming to provide you with peace of mind.


Competitive Pricing

Our goal is to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of our services. We belief in fairness and affordability, thus allow WordPress site owners to restore the security of their websites within budgetary considerations.


Money-back Guarantee

If, for any reason, we are unable to fix the WordPress hacking issue, we offer a refund of your investment. Customer satisfaction is our commitment, thus you can count on us for receiving the value and resolution you deserve for the WordPress website hacked issue.

WordPress Websites We Fixed

We’ve diligently eliminated all traces of malicious files and revived compromised WordPress sites.


How to Find if Japanese Keyword Hack Affecting Your WordPress Site

Diagnose your website for Japanese Spam Keyword Hack

  1. Random Japanese text appearing on your site
  2. Spam links have been generated
  3. Your site has been suspended by a web host
  4. Google marked your site as malicious and penalized it
  5. New owners have been added to your search console account
  6. Your SEO ranking is going low
  7. Google blacklist warning message revealing when anyone visiting your site
  8. Your website has been flagged for distributing malware
  9. Unusual behavior of user's negative feedback

Common Reasons Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked

  1. Use of weak passwords
  2. Insecure web hosting
  3. Incorrect file permissions
  4. Outdated themes or plugins
  5. Not changing the WordPress table prefix
  6. Lack of backup or recovery plan
  7. Insufficient user permissions
  8. Unauthorized user access
  9. Malware or virus attack

How We Fix It

Check the process followed by our industry experts for fixing WordPress hacking issues!

Creating copies of data or files as a precautionary measure to prevent loss or damage. Back Up


Analyze Applying various methods, tools, and techniques to gain a deeper understanding or insight.

Examining the site’s code, database/directories, and look for any suspicious files, viruses, or malware to identify the hack. Scanning


Required Action Implementing the necessary steps or measures based on the information or assessment at hand.

Restoring the backup data and checking if all operations of the site can be done effectively. Backup Restored


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Our Services


Quick General Support

If you encounter any issues or malfunctions on your WordPress site, our service is available round-the-clock to promptly address and resolve them. We provide immediate assistance and operate non-stop, ensuring your website functions seamlessly at all times.


Malware Scanning and Removal

We specialize in effectively and efficiently identifying and deleting any files or components within your site that have been compromised or contain malicious code or content. With the industry’s best practices and the use of advanced scanning tools, we clean malware from your WordPress website and make it completely secure.


Performance Optimization

Our expert team conducts thorough assessments to identify your WordPress site’s performance bottlenecks and then implements tailored solutions to optimize it. Not only our experts focus on enhancing the speed and responsiveness but make every effort to improve your site’s overall performance.



We understand the importance of protecting your valuable data, thus implementing robust backup solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our restore service comes into action in the unfortunate event of data loss, WordPress hacking like Japanese spam keyword hack, malware attack, virus infections, or any other critical issues.


Website Migration

Our Website Migration service ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition of your website to WordPress or a new hosting provider. Our expert team ensures that all elements are seamlessly migrated, minimizing downtime and preserving the integrity of your website.


WordPress Installation and Configuration

We take care of setting up your WordPress site from start to finish. With our WordPress Installation and Configuration service, you can have a fully functional and optimized WordPress site up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content and growing your online presence.


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