IDENCARD - Website to Create, Manage and Share Digital Business Cards

Digitally transform the way you reach out to your prospects. Use digital business cards to connect with like-minded people around the world.

Project Details:

The Project: Idencard

The client approached us with a vision to create a website that can help business admins create e-cards in a matter of minutes, personalize them on-the-go, and share with prospects around the world to expand their business connection.

Along with website development, we were also assigned the Android and iPhone app for the same. Receiving just an idea, our team buckled down to bring every detail to life.

The Design

The complete Idencard website is an amazing experience on its own. The responsive web pages, intuitive design, and seamless navigation are the spotlights of the website. Talking about the mobile applications, our designers have created user-friendly, high-performance apps for iOS and Android devices.

The Development

The Idencard project is built with Asp.Net,MVC, HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap along with SQL for database management.


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