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Project Details:

The Project: Shubh Panchang

Shubh-Panchang has been a very challenging yet interesting project, with a large number of design and content requirement. The client came to us with an idea to build a website on which he can use his knowledge of Hindu astrology and related art to help people learn about their future predictions and recommendations.

Since Hindu astrology is a vast branch, the client wanted a design where each and every element, be it panchang, kundali, horoscope, numerology, astrology, Hindu hymns, etc., to be included in a neat and clear layout. We’re proud to say our team has done a wonderful job!

The Design

The entire website is featured on a beautiful, light-colored theme where each graphic has a proper and neat placement. Although there are so many graphic elements, the website is still totally clutter-free and easy-to-navigate. All graphics are implemented very carefully to create a beautiful experience.

The Development

Our developers have blended Angular.JS and ASP.NET in order to bring a powerful website


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