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Project Details:

The Project: Disk Optimizer Pro

Disk Optimizer Pro was suggested as a tool to optimize hard disks in a system easily. The project was carried out really well by both the design and development team. As a result, the utility came out as a successful solution to revive the power and super hard disks in just 3 easy steps.

The Design

Hopping on to the design, the tool has been designed in a way to keep the message simple and clear. The entire layout of Disk Optimizer Pro has been designed in such a way as to engage users. The tools like Illustrator and Photoshop have been perfectly used to give this project thumbs up.

The Development

Technologies behind the project are not one, but many. The list incorporates C++, MFC, Win32 API, STL, COM, ATL, HTML, JQuery, and SQL Server. The developer also used JavaScript, VB Script, and ASP.net to add more functionality to Disk Optimizer Pro.

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