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Quick PC Startup helps you fix/manage all obsolete and scrap startup programs


Project Details:

The Project: Quick PC Startup

From mere a basic concept to develop a solution that can resolve startup programs, the designer and developer brainstormed their minds to come up with Quick PC Startup, a full-fledged system utility to fix and manage all scrap and obsolete startup program with ease.

The Design

The project makes use of advanced designing tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Owing to that, the interface and design of Quick PC Startup looks absolutely stunning. It has every element perfectly designed and placed throughout the entire project.

The Development

The main developer tools used in the project development includes C++, MFC, Win32 API, STL, COM, ATL, HTML, JavaScript, and VB Script. Apart from these; Quick PC Startup uses some additional tools like ASP, ASP.net, Bootstrap, HTML5, JQuery, and SQL Server to make it worth using.

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