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With just two click of mouse, you can use reg easy repair both windows XP & windows 10 operating system bugs and the PC problem they cause!


Project Details:

The Project: RegServo

The concept was proposed as a tool to help repair bugs in both Windows XP and Windows 10 operating systems. The developer worked hard on the idea to bring forth a utility that not only resolves bugs but also repairs the issue they cause. RegServo was successfully delivered as a professional PC performance tool.

The Design

Though quite simple at its first look, the design of RegServo is simply amazing. Entire user interface of the tool is clean and user friendly, making it one of the most sought after solutions to repair bugs and issues. The designer has used Photoshop and Illustrator pretty well.

The Development

RegServo uses a myriad of tools and technologies that make it such a powerful PC utility. Major among the list are C++, NSIS, MFC, ATL, COM, STL, Web and Win32 API, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, and VB Script. The tool works well with Windows XP and Windows 10 as well, making it an advanced solution for the latest Windows OS.

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