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Reliance Kiosk is undoubtedly the first-ever solution in the Telecom history for dispensing mobile SIM, requiring you to just enter some details.


Project Details:

The Project: Reliance Kiosk

The project is definitely one of our most favorites. Reliance Kiosk has been developed as automated software to dispense mobile SIM just by entering some details of yours. The project has become the first-ever Telecom solution to do so.

The Design

Simply Wonderful! Just like the software itself, the design of the project is also stunning in every aspect. The designer used Photoshop and Illustrator to make the interface and entire layout of Reliance Kiosk unique and up to the mark.

The Development

Talking about the development, the project has seen some of the best tools and technologies available in the market. The list includes C++, MFC, Win32 API, STL, COM, ATL, HTML, JavaScript, and VB Script. It’s quick, secure, and completely hassle-free.

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