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Project Details:

The Project: SoftwareVilla Installer

As proposed by the client, the team worked on a software downloading portal to make it convenient for users to download the desired software online, without the fear of spyware and advertisements. SoftwareVilla Installer is definitely the best, ad-free downloading portal that offers users a completely hassle-free downloading experience and we are proud to have delivered this project.

The Design

Design part of SoftwareVilla Installer has been carried out brilliantly. All the icons, graphics, and entire layout work implemented on the project using Photoshop and Illustrator are unique, engaging, and to the point. The designers made the platform eye-catchy, clean, and well-organized to keep the theme intact.

The Development

Coming to the development side of the portal, SoftwareVilla Installer has been developed using C++, C# programming language, WPF, NSIS, Code Sign Certificate, MFC< Wind32 API, STL, Com, and ATL along with SQL server. The developers also used some additional tools and technologies including HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, and VB Script in the project.

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