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Web Optimizer Pro is a hybrid anti-hijacking tool to enhance web response and your overall browsing experience


Project Details:

The Project: Web Optimizer Pro

The proposal was made for a utility to help improve web response and browsing experience of users. As a result, the team worked hard to bring to light Web Optimizer Pro. It is a hybrid anti-hijacking tool that works well on all major browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The Design

Talking about the design of the project, it flaunts decent combination of vivid graphics and subtle color scheme. The user-friendly interface of Web Optimizer Pro is one of its key selling points. The designers have made the best use of Photoshop and Illustrator in this project.

The Development

Web Optimizer Pro is a full suite to fix and manage browsing experience while surfing the internet. To make it able to function properly, the developer has used C++, MFC, Win32 API, STL, COM, ATL, HTML, JavaScript, and VB Script. In addition to these, Web Optimizer Pro also makes use of ASo.net, PHP, Bootstrap, and JQuery.

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