Our Services

Content Designing

Xportsoft is one-stop shop for all kind of content requirements. We create quality, unique, engaging, and 100% fresh content that will not only help you grow you business but also make you visible in the market. Get blue-ribbon content services to support, sell or explain almost anything. We take pride in delivering high-quality content to help you achieve your business objectives hassle free.

Advertising & Media

Xportsoft Technologies is a benchmark in the field of creating ideal and best-in-class advertisements and related media. Bring your brand to life with our diverse marketing disciplines. Our team of dedicated media specialists develop productive marketing strategies combining creativity and innovation with years of experience. We can help you grow into a successful brand with sustainable and long-term relationship with your clients. We create up-to-the-minute social media and digital marketing practices that will engage your clients with your brand. Choose from our folio of advertising and media services, including digital marketing, print advertising, video ads, podcasting, TV ads, and OOH; and change the way your business speak, listen, and share.

Digital Marketing

Our flexible, cost-efficient and result-oriented digital marketing processes are tailor-made to help your business mushroom beyond your most utopian dreams. We have onboard a team of purely experienced, practical and proactive marketing geeks to deliver standards-based, blueribbon campaigns that can ring up the reach and visibility of your business on the web. Our goal is to help you connect, engage and publicize your business concepts globally. At the same time, we help you entice more and more customers, alongside retaining the existing ones.

Mobile Apps Development

Xportsoft is the buzz word in the world of application development for desktops and mobile devices, with cross-vertical client services portfolio on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms. We've reached a cult status in developing and seamlessly maintaining highly immersive, spontaneous and intuitive games and applications that are destined to keep users jelled to their devices. Our applications flaunt a blend of streamlined graphics, end-to-end usability and immaculate performance. We hold expertise in application optimization, consulting, traffic sharing, and then some.

Research & Testing

We are a close-knit unit of highly stringent test engineers providing end-to-end independent testing services for applications across different operating platforms and runtime environments. Our comprehensive application- and web-testing services ensure you get better control on your processes, higher productivity, maximum uptime and optimal resource utilization within your existing teams, budget and releases. Choose from our inventory of 20+ prominent testing services to better shape your products and processes.

Web Design & Development

Bring your business online with an appealing cross-platform website that can be viewed on any computer, smartphone or tablet device. It’s our forte to develop immersive, heavy-duty website that feature jaw-dropping design concepts, stable backend, high conversion, hybrid technology, uncompromised quality, and then some. Whether you are in search of a cost-efficient corporate website or an ingenious eCommerce portal, we are on!

Affiliate Marketing & Reselling

Set up your reselling/affiliate business with our savvy and personalized concepts. We have onboard a team of experienced, proactive and professional marketing experts to deliver blue-ribbon campaigns.

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